About Us

Candlelight Productions is a non-profit arts production company that uses different forms of art to strengthen community and shape culture.

Who we are

Candlelight Productions is an arts production company that uses different forms of art to strengthen community and shape culture. We exist to build community, nurture creativity and encourage an attitude of service in the arts, whilst pursuing a high standard of excellence in our work. We aim to empower individuals to fulfil their potential and positively shape the culture of society. The art forms we have employed include theatre, dance, music, stand-up comedy, circus arts and multimedia. Our diverse program of activities and projects calls for people from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from techies and production staff to performers, designers to marketing people, or set builders to our hospitality team.

Core Values

Candlelight Productions values COMMUNITY as our highest priority. We aim to support, raise and equip passionate volunteers and artists to utilise their gifts in serving the wider community to make a positive impact on Australian culture. We also value CREATIVITY and EXCELLENCE in all we do, including our processes, and emphasis an attitude of SERVICE in our relationships and wider community.

Social and Environmental responsibilities

As a company we seek to lead the arts community in social and environmental responsibility. We make efforts to use recycled paper and green printing technology, sweatshop-free clothing, Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate, and free-range eggs and meat, in accordance with our understanding of what constitutes best stewardship of our planet’s resources.

Our People

Eugene - Executive Director
Eugene is a writer, director and storyteller. He also happens to be a lawyer, social worker and the Executive Director of Candlelight Productions. He has degrees in Law, Commerce, Theology and Community Cultural Development Practice.

Eugene's experience as a performer spans three decades in theatre, film, TV and radio. He consults as a drama teacher and director for organisations across Australia, and has taught event management masterclasses at the College of Event Management.

He has directed events at a wide range of venues, including Federation Square, Melbourne Recital Centre, The Rialto, Crown Palladium Ballroom, Chapel Off Chapel and the Melbourne City Conference Centre. His directing style is process-driven, usually collaborative, quite visual, and aimed at creating immersive experiences which break the fourth wall and spill into the audience.

Eugene likes stories because they have the ability, through a range of art forms, to speak into the human condition in a way that weaves people together and facilitate healing. He believes strongly in the importance of excellence both in final product, but also in process.
Jayden - Operations Manager
Jayden is a musician and teacher who seeks to grow young leaders who speak with humility and an attitude of service.

Titled Boroondara Young Citizen of the Year in 2014, Jayden runs leadership growth and motivational events with primary and secondary students, and staff.

Since being involved with Candlelight Productions, Jayden has studied at the world-class James Morrison Academy of Music, where he has been instructed and mentored by some of Australia's finest musicians. Continuing his study at Monash University (currently undertaking Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music, Western Classical), he has been awarded the prestigious Monash-Pratt Music Excellence Award in 2016.

Jayden is grateful for the opportunity to serve within an organisation that dares to impact the arts scene, and through it the wider culture of his home town, Melbourne.
Fiona - HR Manager
Fiona has been involved with Candlelight since 2010, and is currently on Core team and HR manager. In the past she has looked after hospitality during productions. In her spare time, she works in the city where she makes databases and manages various research projects.

Fiona loves the community of Candlelight, including the friendships, shared adventures and accomplishments that come from working together during a show. She also loves seeing people’s lives impacted by a show, through hospitality, a warm welcome, and the brilliant performance.
Steph - Communications Manager
Steph is an artist, curator and passionate arts advocate. She firmly believes in the power and agency of the arts as a positive force for influence and change; that art should be readily accessible to all; and that art in all its forms, is essential to human life and development.

Steph has a Fine Art Honours degree from RMIT University, and Master of Curating degree from Goldsmiths University of London. She is currently employed as the Art Curator for Banyule City Council, where she programs council's art gallery (Hatch Contemporary Arts Space), manages the Banyule Art Collection, curates and installs each exhibition, and works to create opportunities to support local artists.

Steph's work experience includes: Board member of Seventh Gallery (Gertrude St, Fitzroy), Curatorial Intern at the Tate Modern (London), freelance curator in London including exhibitions for Urban Photo Fest London 2013 and Liberty (Human Rights Organisation), art technician and lecturer at RMIT University, tutor at Photography Studies College, and gallery assistant at many art spaces both in Melbourne and London.
Jean - Creative Designer
Jean is a serial multi-tasker who champions the cause for innovative design and cuisine, done sustainably wherever possible, but always with enthusiasm. Her areas of interest run the gamut from experimenting with lacto-fermentation, trying to understand the science behind molecular gastronomy to the design and building of art installations in Uganda, Africa.

The common thread is her passion for creativity and the knowledge that there is always room for curiosity.

Buoyed by her sense of adventure, Jean has worked in Australia, Asia, the US and Africa, designing and building theatre sets, preserving antiques and historic buildings, heading up The Creations Group as Director of Creative Design, as well as lecturing with the Built Environment faculty at Uganda Martyrs University.

Don’t let her size fool you—she’s most at home when wielding a power tool. Jean is a graduate of SCAD, (B.F.A (Hons) Interior Design, M.F.A (Hons) Furniture Design).
Anthony - Tech Manager
Jesse - Drama Programs Teacher
Rémy - Drama Programs Teacher