About Us

Candlelight Productions is a non-profit arts production company that uses different forms of art to strengthen community and shape culture.

Who we are

Candlelight Productions is an arts production company that uses different forms of art to strengthen community and shape culture. We exist to build community, nurture creativity and encourage an attitude of service in the arts, whilst pursuing a high standard of excellence in our work. We aim to empower individuals to fulfil their potential and positively shape the culture of society. The art forms we have employed include theatre, dance, music, stand-up comedy, circus arts and multimedia. Our diverse program of activities and projects calls for people from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from techies and production staff to performers, designers to marketing people, or set builders to our hospitality team.

Core Values

Candlelight Productions values COMMUNITY as our highest priority. We aim to support, raise and equip passionate volunteers and artists to utilise their gifts in serving the wider community to make a positive impact on Australian culture. We also value CREATIVITY and EXCELLENCE in all we do, including our processes, and emphasis an attitude of SERVICE in our relationships and wider community.

Social and Environmental responsibilities

As a company we seek to lead the arts community in social and environmental responsibility. We make efforts to use recycled paper and green printing technology, sweatshop-free clothing, Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate, and free-range eggs and meat, in accordance with our understanding of what constitutes best stewardship of our planet’s resources.

Our People

Eugene Wong
Eugene Wong doesn’t look like the director of a community drama group. In fact, he looks like he would be more than comfortable in an office on the top floor of a building in Collins Street.

Wong’s two passions, people and the arts, serve well the present mission of Candlelight Productions, which aims to build community and address social issues through the creative arts.

Following your dreams though is not always easy. Wong reveals that at times it is very hard and really discouraging when you are dealing with small budgets and lots of volunteers. “Tears are not uncommon in the arts world,” he says. “But it does refine you. Every morning when I wake up, I have to decide who I want to be.”
Jessica Tivendale
Jessica is Candlelight Productions' Tasmanian import. A trained dancer and well accustomed to the creative arts world, she is also a trained Occupational Therapist.

Jessica is passionate about healing through creativity and encouraging others to discover their full identify and purpose in life. This feeds Candlelight Productions ethos of strengthening individuals within community to make a positive impact on society and culture.

“To enable someone’s journey towards self-worth and identity is a great joy and a privilege.”
Fiona has been involved with Candlelight since 2010, more recently focussing on hospitality and joining the core team. In her spare time, she has a desk job in the city where she makes databases and manages various research projects.

Fiona loves the community of Candlelight, including the friendships, shared adventures and accomplishments that come from working together during a show. She also loves seeing people’s lives impacted by a show, through hospitality, a warm welcome, and the brilliant performance.
Shirlaine Tse
Shirlaine has been a core team volunteer since 2012. Trained as a makeup artist but now working as a private English tutor, she is often found hovering over the food at Candlelight core team meetings.

Shirlaine is passionate about helping people create beautiful form for their content. It really doesn't matter whether this is by editing a media release or helping an actor embody a character through makeup; she loves seeing people realise their best work and being a part of that process.
Anni Ha
Anni Ha grew up in a small town where imagination made everything seem possible. She has trained in almost every performing arts discipline at one time or another but is always drawn back to acting, music and dance.

Anni is passionate about the connections between life and art. “Art is a window into another’s life and through this window we are able connect with each other.” This echoes Candlelight’s mission, as connection inspires compassion and hopefulness which are both ingredients in building community and imagining a more beautiful future.