Key Services

Live Performances

Over the years, Candlelight Productions has produced a wide range of arts, including theatre, dance, multimedia, music launches and spoken word poetry. We are not restricted to any kind of art form and are open to partnerships with artists of any medium.


Candlelight Productions is the only curator of Clean Comedy in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. When we introduced ’Squeaky Clean Comedy’, it became the only overtly clean show for adults in the festival. To meet demand, we’ve run the ‘Clean Comedy Hub’ since 2013, and publish the ‘Clean Comedy Guide’; your one stop shop for all things clean comedy!

Community Workshops

Candlelight Productions empowers leaders, councils, and other organisations through community development workshops. The workshops can be tailored to each groups’ needs, but most are designed to introduce the intricate nature and needs of communities, facilitate discussion about how to nurture existing communities and empower participants with the knowledge and tools to support and develop the communities they come from or serve.

Consulting & Event Management

Candlelight Productions has been brought on as a consultant for a variety of events and organisations, including TedX Melbourne, churches, Australian Christian Literature Awards, Blackstump festival and others. We are often consulted on community development design and activities, as well as on production and event management.

Community Access Program

Candlelight Productions also has a community access program to provide access to those who might usually be excluded from the performing arts world. We connect with community welfare agencies to provide tickets to underprivileged members of our society. Our Community Access Program also gives people the opportunity to sponsor these tickets, and we are constantly inspired by our patron’s generosity.