Our Executive Director, Kane

Our Story


Candlelight Productions exists to strengthen community and shape culture both within and through the arts. Over the years this has taken many forms. Our productions of Human, Earnest and Complete Works were absolute crowd favourites and brought peace, joy and hope to our audiences. Shows like Outside the Box, Voices: The Carrical Project and Stone the Boats shed light on important social issues and gave a voice to the voiceless. The Squeaky-Clean Comedy show helped to legitimise clean comedy in Melbourne and the Clean comedy Hub provided platform for up and coming artists to present their work in a festival environment.

But that’s not all!

We have been involved in numerous drama programs for young people that would otherwise not have the opportunity. We’ve partnered with Young Careers, The Salvos, schools and churches to provide these opportunities, connecting artists with young people in the community to encourage and inspire them to create.

In the future, Candlelight Productions seeks to build communities of Melbourne based artists that are committed to something more than just the limelight. To strengthen these artists in their craft and in their heart and send them into the industry equipped to shape it for the next generation. Challenging what needs to be challenged and cherishing what needs to be cherished.